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Sentry MBA Tutorials

These are written slowly, due the extra work we do. If your willingly wanting to help write these, please contact us!

Sentry MBA Basics

First of all you need to download Sentry MBA of course, you can download it from here. After you have downloaded Sentry MBA, create a folder anywhere in your computer and extract the .RAR file there. If you don't have WinRAR or 7-Zip yet, I recommend you download either one.
You should have all of these files in the folder:

If you do, you can open up the file named 'Sentry_MBA.exe'. A discalimer of Sentry MBA should popup saying

Click 'Yes' and you should be ready to go to the next step.
Once your in the main window that looks like this after you have opened Sentry MBA:

Click the tab from the left sidebar named 'Settings' and from the dropdown 'General'. Now the screen should look like this:
Now if you haven't yet gotten a config, I suggest you go get one since you will need it now. After you have gotten a config, go ahead and click 'Load Settings from Snap Shot' ( We call them configs, though in Sentry MBA they are called Snap Shots). Find your config file (.INI) and load it with Sentry MBA. Once it has been loaded, the top text bar should have the site URL in it, which means the config file has been loaded. I strongly suggest you click 'Save Settings to Snap Shot' after loaded, this so that you can load it easier next time, and makes HTTP Debugger work. Let us proceed to combos & proxies

Now click the tab named 'Lists' and from the dropdown 'Wordlist'. Now the first box on the top left is the main list for combos, and on the right are the buttons to save and load lists into it. Press the most top one that says 'Open a Combo List', if you don't have combos you can get them from our forum over here.
After you have loaded a combo list into Sentry MBA now we need to check if the site uses proxies or not. Click 'Settings' and from there 'Proxy Settings'. There should be a checkbox that says 'Do not use proxies', if this is checked no proxies are needed to load and you can skip the next step, if not please read below.
Head over to 'Lists' again, and from the 'Proxylist'. Now on the right there is again buttons for this list, when you click the top button that says 'Load Options' it should popup a list of different types of proxies. We'll be using HTTP proxies in this one, you can find a link for HTTP proxies in the section below named 'Where to get?'. Once you have saved some proxies into your computer click the top button, from the dropdown 'Load Proxies from File' and locate your Proxylist file.

Now head over to 'Progression' tab, and you should find a Trackbar that says 'Bots:'. You can drag it however you like, but if your running without proxies (Proxyless) we suggest you keep it low, at 1-7 bots so that the config doesn't break or the site doesn't notice you are bruteforcing it.

Now you are ready to press 'Start' button on the top left of Sentry MBA. Now it should popup a message like this:

You can go ahead and press 'Start the Bruteforcer Engine!'.
NOTE: You will need a working account to the config's website for this to work.

Go ahead and load a config to Sentry MBA, if you don't know how I suggest you read block 2. Now in Sentry MBA, click the 'Tools' tab and from there 'HTTP Debugger'. Copy the url inside to the part in HTTP Debugger that says 'Site' and check the box that says 'Debug from SnapShot', like so:

Now on the bottom of HTTP Debugger there's a box that says 'Authentication', in here you want to set a username and password in to the textboxes. First start with a not working combo, for example 1928374 as username and 1234 as password. Now click the small start button on the top left of HTTP Debugger, and click the 'Debug' tab. Now it should show all the information of the debug process, scroll to the very bottom. Now if the bottom contains 'Failure Source Keyword Match', this means that the failure key works. Now you should change the username and password to a working combo and press debug and it should say 'Success Source Keyword Match' which means it captured a working account as well.

If everything went like told above, the config is working fine.

Where to get?

You can get combos from our forum section Combolists.