Buy requests , stripe , up to $ 120 per request!
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11-08-2018, 11:31 PM
COUNTRY SOAP - United States and European Union
Buy Mail with requests : [email protected]
I pay from 10 to $ 120 for a unique soap with a Valid Account.
Transaction Algorithm:
You throw me a list of mail without passwords - I check them with my common base by stripes. If there are uniks, I ask them with passwords and letters downloaded by inquiries. I check uniki, if on the soap I find a suitable akk - I pay from $ 10 to $ 120 for EVERY good soap
Repeat. There are many people who have the same requirements for competitors (obviously, some bases do) and ask for money. There will be a sample, so whoever pays first will receive a coin.
Work through the guarantor, no problem.
The most important thing is to reasonably evaluate your capabilities and product quality so that the guarantor does not hire, and the product will ultimately be the same as that of a competitor.

Contacts: Skype milson26

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