Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines The following rules will result in your posts being deleted, warning issued, and/or a ban. Please read them thoroughly!

• Do not sales trash.
• Do not sell your account.
• Do not share your account.
• Do not character/ban evade.
• Do not cross/low quality post.
• Do not ask for freebies/loans.
• Do not try to scam other users.
• Do not impersonate other users.
• Do not bully/harass other users.
• Do not leave invalid reputation.
• Do not make more than one account.
• Do not post outside of the allocated sections.
• Do not request in the shoutbox. There is a section allocated for a reason.
• Do not contact staff directly about a deal dispute. Use the section provided.
• Do not spam/mass tag. It's annoying and you will receive a warning or temporary ban.
• Do not post any application or program in the tools section without providing a Virus Total link.
• Do not advertise and/or discuss other forum sites. This includes using short links to "hide" the original URL.
• Do not post or discuss black-hat activity. This includes carding, money laundering, fraud, leaking of personal information.
• Do not change any login credentials of content shared in the cracking section. They are for the community here to enjoy, not just yourself.
This includes for example changing payment information/plans, adding profile/users on sites such as Netflix or other activities that would alert the account owner.
Whilst thinking that you're "securing" the account you are actually just causing it to die sooner then become unusable for everyone.
• Discussion, depiction or encouragement of abuse, child sexuality, exploitation and other related topics that may be harmful to or threaten the security of a child or minor is not permitted and will result in a permanent ban.
• We expect users to tolerate opinions, and if there's something you may disagree on then you're expected to keep your composure and a high-degree of mutual respect, acting like adults and not causing any flaming towards the other.
If you want to act like little children and squabble then take that nonsense to PM or elsewhere.

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