Hall of Retards
A list of retards who have been meme'd here on Sentry MBA
3way - Embarrassed multiple times in our Discord server and is now forever laughed at.
DarkStar - Clowned along with StaySalty, he also ran Nikto against the forum (lol) and said he'd drop the user table.
Dexterity - Struggles with a severe case of down syndrome, there is no curing this child.
Onyx - Paki Indian scammer, do not trust him. You have been warned!
StaySalty - Clowned along with DarkStar for trying to hack the forum, he thought a blank white page was a vulnerability.
SoldierCrimes - Forum hacked, dumped & defaced. He is also a compulsive liar!
xPolish - Site hacked & defaced along with his Twitter being hijacked
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