Hall of Retards
A list of retards who have been meme'd here on Sentry MBA
3way - Embarrassed multiple times in our Discord server and is now forever laughed at.
DarkStar/Marijuana - Clowned along with his friend StaySalty, he also ran Nikto against the forum (lol) and said he'd drop the user table. Also attempted to copy our forum and got fucked in the ass for it.
Deucalion - Depressed lonely ginger who scams for chump change, role plays hacker, and attempts to dump Sentry MBA on the daily.
Dexterity - Struggles with a severe case of down syndrome, there is no curing this child.
Onyx - Paki Indian scammer, do not trust him. You have been warned!
StaySalty - Clowned along with DarkStar/Marijuana for trying to hack the forum, he thought a blank white page was a vulnerability.
SoldierCrimes - Forum hacked, dumped & defaced. He is also a compulsive liar!
Tokarev - "Just wait until I get your DNS bro."
xPolish - Site hacked & defaced along with his Twitter being hijacked.