Information about the gold system.

What is gold?
Gold is the on-site currency of Sentry.MBA which can be used for unlocking awards, content, as money and a lot more.

How do I acquire gold?
You may earn gold from either members unlocking your hidden content or by simply purchasing it here.

How can I unlock hidden content?
Whenever you press the "unlock" button, it will reveal any content within the thread which is usually 5 gold by default unless a custom cost is set by the author.

Am I allowed to sell my gold for money?
No, we do not allow members to buy, sell or trade gold for money. However, again you may purchase gold from our automated store here or by visiting any of the following amounts linked below.

  • 100G
  • 250G
  • 500G
  • 1,000G

  • Can I donate my gold to another member?
    Sure by all means, but be aware donations are non-reversible. If you wish to donate you may do so here.

    Gold statistics?
    If you are interested in viewing the statistics you may see our richest users and latest donations here.

    Withdrawals will become available in future once developed.
    Thus meaning those whom possess the Vendor pass are able to actively contribute under our upcoming repository system and have an option to cash-out their earnings.