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Sentry MBA Config Repository

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Sentry.MBA Rules

We will be having strict rules for Sentry.MBA, due of the behavior of our site's users.
  • Leeching from Sentry.MBA to another website.
  • Reselling configs taken from Sentry.MBA and other websites ( ONLY post your own work ).
  • Taking credit for anything else provided from Sentry.MBA.
  • Posting configs without properly filled information.
  • Sharing personal information of other users and yourself.
  • Disrespecting other users
These will lead into account being banned, which means a loss of your account's gold as well.

About Sentry MBA Config Repository

Sentry MBA Repository is the ultimate repository of Sentry MBA configs.
Our aim is to collect configs for submittals and concentrate them in one, easy-to-navigate repository.
This was written solely for educational purposes. Use it at your own risk. The author will not be responsible for any damage.

Sentry MBA Repository was founded on October 7th, 2015, by Carter and Falcon, Terbz joined the team later on. The original idea was Carter's (My) Config Database, which was released 07 November, 2014. After a few weeks past by I noticed the application is draining a lot of CPU and Memory of the server. So I moved into a web-based version of a Config Database, which was alot better and more convenient. Well not too long, about a month went by and Config Database got closed. Then one day, almost a year from that this guy named Falcon messaged me and said "Hey buddy; just letting you know I will be opening a website within a week. Definitely would love to have you as a seller offering your services :P". I was pretty damn surprised that Falcon messaged me to help him, and that he got that domain. Well we had an forum idea in the first place, but after a few days the old Config Database idea came up to my mind... Asked Falcon if its okay for him for me to code it, he said yes lets do it! Well it took me around a week to code the version 1 of Config Repository, and its been up for over 7 months and we already have almost 2500 members. Well seeing Sentry.MBA does not lose activity it gains more and more activity which makes us want to keep it up. That's pretty much the story of how was created.
Quite frankly I don't have a good reason for 'Why', but I can explain it from my side. I've been wandering around different cracking forums, never came across of a unique idea, all the forums looking exactly the same, same sections, same amount of leechers. Well I decided to step up my game, and create a repository that would only be for Sentry MBA, seeing that the program is just widely used. The site needed to be easy-to-use and simple like old school-ish. Currently we are having around 700 active members daily visiting/checking, and around 200 of them are authors of configs. If your heart says Yes to Cracking, it would be awesome for you to join, learn and teach us!
You can contact us from the Contact Page.
You can send suggestions and ideas to the same places where you can contact us.
We have an twitter page up with the name xSentry go follow us and stay tuned for new updates!


You need go to this link to register and became our member.
Your account with your gold on it, and your other accounts will get banned. Please do remember this, we are taking this very seriously. So if you are caught having multiple accounts, you will get banned, and you have a very low chance of getting your account back. So beware!
We do recommend that you use your own safe email, we will do nothing with them so don't be scared to use them. The emails are for your own safety, if you lose/forget your password/username. We will be having a clean of accounts that are registered with disposable emails sometimes.
Verified Status only means that one of the admins trusts these users. They only have the ability to post configs/combos without approval, its nothing big really. To get Verified Status please do contact us for it.

Sentry MBA Repository Gold / Selling configs / Buying configs

Sentry MBA Repository Gold is the official currency of Sentry MBA Repository. It is used for leechers not to get completely free configs, so they must contribute us before they can get anything on their hands. How the gold works is really simple, you can earn or buy gold, then you can buy configs or combos with that gold.
Click the link on top of the page that says 'Buy Gold', the system will continue you.
To earn Gold you can:
  • sell configs
  • sell combos
  • sell databases
  • finish requests
  • you also get paid 10% of people that you have invited when they buy gold
  • new ways to earn Gold will be available soon.
This will is affected by everyone, and will be updated if we deem so.

All members have 3 days from the the transaction date to gain a full refund, after that last 4 days you will receive 75% of the config costs.

Other information

Requests offer you to create or request a config / account. The way it works is, you post an request, and every post that everyone makes will go through admin approval. This makes it have less spam, so its not pain in the ass to clean the section. After your request has been approved by an admin, the other users are able to see it. If someone has the config or the account you need, he can sell it to your or not its his choice. We are not forcing anyone to sell anything, you can sell it if you feel like it.
Just to make few things clear, so we can approve things faster.
  • Fulfilling requests, please include an image proof of the config running to the textarea.
  • Reporting configs or any other item, include an image proof of this as well.
  • If you report a config you will need to be sure that it doesn't work, otherwise you will be risking a warning or even a ban.
  • If youre trying to get a refund the config has to be less than 2 weeks old.
We have finally announced the donator rank, here's the priviliages you will be getting after upgrading to donator rank,
  • 30% Discount from every config
  • Yellow username
  • Able to see all login logs (Soon)
  • Able to change username (Soon)
  • More will be added soon!